Mask Guidance.

Best practice on how to use and sanitize community masks.



Wearing a Community Mask
in public…

The Community Mask alone
will not prevent the
spread of COVID 19:

Let’s all wear Community Masks correctly and wash them daily with soap and water - I protect you, you protect me!

* Compiled by volunteers from according to best widely available knowledge. Learn about the sources consulted in preparation of the guidance document.

* Definition: We refer to A Community Mask as a reusable, washable face-and-nose cover made from cloth in Malawi for Malawians to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is NOT a medical mask. Those should be reserved for health workers.


Please note: Community Masks will NOT protect the wearer from getting infected, but they help to protect others should you be infected.

You may not know if you are infected or not - sometimes it takes many days for symptoms to start to appear - some people that are infected never develop symptoms but are capable of transmitting the virus to others anyway. 

It is more an act of solidarity and responsible behavior. If it turns out that you’re incubating COVID-19, the people you care about will be glad you wore a mask. Moreover, if everybody wears a mask, it can have a protective effect.

You must always follow the advice of the Government of Malawi in relation to protecting yourself against Corona-Virus COVID-19. 

Community Masks are part of a comprehensive overall solution involving other important measures such as social distancing, hand washing etc. 

We have compiled this document to help encourage the better usage of Community Masks based on the (dynamically evolving) evidence and scientific resources, according to the best widely available knowledge. Please find a list of documents consulted in the process here: sources consulted. We engaged numerous experts across a broad spectrum of expertise to cover many different points of view (see same link). 

Community Masks MUST BE used correctly and can be dangerous if not used correctly. The information contained in this Guidance may be contradicted by evidence that emerges in the future. Please see for more information.