THe Hestian

The #MwMasks4AllMalawi Fundraising effort harnesses The Hestian Project’s network of approximately 3000 stove producers in 200 village-based production groups in Malawi.* The Hestian Project has reached over 3.5 million Malawians with the Chitetezo Mbaula improved cookstove on a financially self-sustained (grant-free) basis.

Along with a growing army of volunteers, across 6 continents, the Hestian team is working around-the-clock on a 100% non-remunerated basis and Hestian will not profit in any way. Hestian has contributed €500,000 in cash to date to the #Masks4AllMalawi Project .

*Hestian production makes up 63% of a larger nation-wide effort.